I have been working on my little blog since 2011.  During that time I have grown from sporadic posts to four regular posts a week.  The time has come to make another adjustment.  This time I am going to cut down on my weekly posts.  This will be my last Monday meme.  After October 25 there will be no more General Conference thoughts.  Instead, I will focus on Wednesday’s poems and my prose will be on Saturdays.  Instead of four-part short stories I will attempt five-part short stories whenever a month has five Saturdays.  My goal in this switch is to work on quality over quantity for awhile.  Once I was able to let go of my 10-view-a-day goal I was able to make these plans.  I am excited and hope to see an improvement in my writing.  Thanks as always for reading and hope you will continue on this journey with me.  Photo taken in southwest Wyoming.

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Broken Table and Broken Dreams

I finally conceded I needed to give the table away. It is a big (by today’s standards) kitchen table probably built in the 1940’s. All wood, it is heavy and cumbersome. Not really designed for today’s compact modern world. But for me giving it away was a difficult decision because it represented a dream unfulfilled. Although I have lived long enough to know the importance of plan B’s in my life, giving up on a long held dream is not an easy thing to do. I took comfort in the fact that the table not only represented a plan B in my life, but it must have also been similar for my grandma nearly 55 years earlier. We are connected with this broken table and broken dreams. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

Table with the three leaves leaning against the wall
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