Little Me in Italy: Part Four

Lugano-flight home-flight home for reals

For our last full day in Italy we went to Switzerland.  Specifically, Lugano, an Italian community just across the border. Continue reading


Little Me in Italy: Part Three


We left Venice on Saturday and stopped in Milan on our way to Como.  Milan is a busy city with 2.2 million people.  Since spring had winked at us that weekend I believe all 2.2 million were out in the city square.  Okay, maybe only 2.1 million. Continue reading

Little Me in Italy: Part One


I was born with a bit of a wanderlust heart.  However, I was also born with a fearful mind.  In case you’re wondering, these two things are contradictory and one cancels the other out.  Usually fear wins because fear, as you know, is a big bully.  But I still had  dreams.  Dreams of all the places I’d like to have adventures à la Indiana Jones.  So when an opportunity to venture outside my daily living zone presents itself I jump on it.  In a cautious yet impulsive manner.

Let me explain.  For work, my brother, RH, was in charge of an annual community trip abroad.  He and his wife, CC, were required to go.  Two people I know traveling abroad?  Cautious.  Deplete my savings to travel somewhere that is not on my bucket list?  Impulsive.  However you want to describe it, at the end of March I found myself on an airplane heading to Italy for one week. Continue reading