Three Gifts for a Princess

I like a good Disney movie. Some are better than others. My taste runs in the more contemporary circle. For me, the older “classics” produce the response akin to running fingers down a chalkboard. Not pleasant and I try to avoid watching them. My sister, MZ, likes Sleeping Beauty so I have watched that one more than the one time obligatory viewing to say I’ve seen it. If you remember, a young princess is born and three good fairies bestow her gifts. Two give her the gift of beauty and song. Before the third fairy can share her gift though, a curse is pronounced on the young princess. This causes the third fairy to modify her gift and make it the most practical. Let’s review this for a moment (not to ruin it for MZ), if you had a long awaited baby girl born and could give her any gift – any gift at all – what would you give her?

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