Forgive Me for Not Singing Silent Night

I’m not a Grinch.  Or a Scrooge.  Let me just preface this blog.  I love singing Christmas carols and I listen to them in the appropriate time period (between Thanksgiving and Christmas day).  There are a few I consider favorites.  But there is one I refuse to listen to this holiday season.

I never appreciated Silent Night.  Despite the fact it is the go-to carol for any Christmas gathering trying to focus on the true reason for the season.  The celebrity of yuletide hymns.  It gets over played a bit for my taste and I’m tired of it.

Plus, it’s my mom’s favorite Christmas carol.  She loved Silent Night.

Last year I refused to listen to it.  I am continuing my boycott this holiday.  Do you know how hard it is to avoid Silent Night for an entire Christmas season?  It’s like trying to avoid the cheese in a Mac and Cheese dinner.  Darn near impossible.

For some reason, the powers-that-be that decide the hymns during Sacrament meeting decided to switch things up a bit and use Silent Night as the kick-off to the season.  Last year and this year we sang that tender song as the very first song of the holiday.  Last season, it was the Sunday before my mom’s funeral.  It about did in a whole bench of Lees.  And this year, when I planned on bearing my testimony in honor of my mother’s anniversary of slipping through the veil, they sang that song.  I excused myself and hid out of earshot.    It took everything I had to regain my composure and continue as planned with my testimony later in the service.  Seriously?  Everyone knows Silent Night is supposed to be the last hymn of the season.

A couple of Tuesdays ago, when we took the girls caroling, they sung it.  Twice.  The first time I stood resolutely in the back waiting patiently for them to finish.  The second time, I wasn’t so fortunate.  Through no fault of my own I stood in front of the group and had to join in.  Those Young Women better appreciate the sacrifice I made for them!  Of course, I didn’t tell anyone.  I realize it’s kind of silly.

Someday, I will probably love Silent Night.  Someday, it will produce sweet, cherished memories of my mom.  Someday.   But for this season, please excuse me while I continue to forego singing it.