All we leave is a memory

The subject of immortality has tantalized imaginations for, well, ever. Perhaps the thought of living forever is appealing because we really don’t know what will happen when we die. There is a lot of speculation and debate about that but this post isn’t about all that fuss. No, this post is another gentle reminder. This post is about the only sure way we can live after death. And that one way is as a memory for other people.

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Life Resume

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by Marilyn M. Lee

When I was 19 years old, I decided that I wanted to be that girl that when she dies, people would say at the funeral, “All this before she was 25!” and “All that before she was 30!” I never had any desire to travel. I never had any desire to do crazy things like sky diving or bungee jumping. Yet this one tiny goal I made demanded cool accomplishments, bragging rights if you will. This goal begged for a stellar life resume.

Never heard of a life resume before? Let me explain. A life resume is a list of all the things you have done in your life that you can present to Peter at those Pearly Gates and prove that you lived a pretty fantastic hundred years on earth. Hmmm…ok. Maybe not so much. In short, it is a list, physical or not, of the things you have accomplished in your life. It may be privately stored in a journal somewhere, or publicly announced over every social media outlet you can join. But everyone has one. Exciting or not, it’s there

Everyone’s life resume will be different. One thing you must remember when reviewing your life resume as you rock away slowly on your porch at year 80, never compare your resume to someone else’s. Never regret your resume. My goals are not yours. My bucket list items are completely opposite than yours. I was talking to someone the other day who wanted to visit all of the baseball parks in the U.S. before they passed on. Me? Not the hugest baseball fan, but I fully respect that goal. My bucket list included bungee jumping, which was checked off last year. While to me this is super exciting, suicidal would be another’s choice words for this activity.

So what do you want your life resume to read? No one will be interviewing you for a position in heaven based on your resume, but you most definitely have every right to brag about the things you’ve done with this life. At the end of your 101 years, will it read Mother of 5, Grandmother of 27? World’s best skydiver? World Traveler? Caretaker for the most needy of souls? What is life without goals, without a bucket list with check marks dotting the pages? We are only on this beautiful, majestic mound of dirt called Earth for a short of time. Don’t you want to make it awesome?

Sometimes, I get greedy. I wish for my life resume to be different and miles long. I see others with their lands and gold and travels under their belt, and I hungrily make a mental note of 50 more things I NEED to do to make my resume better. This is not realistic. Sometimes, I think that what others have that I lack, are examples of my failure. Then I step back and realize that, so far, my life resume is pretty good, definitely something to be proud of. I am now a year away from my first age goal, and I think I have done a pretty good job. I have many more things I need to achieve, many more goals I want to set, and miles to go before I am the world’s most exciting person. But, for now, my life resume is pretty decent. Is yours? If it makes you smile, then you can count that resume as award winning. Here’s to many more years on your life resume. When you die, have a life resume others can pull out and see just how amazing you were.

If I Were to Cave-In to Passing Fads and have a Bucket List…

Last Tuesday we took the girls caroling.  One nearly-almost-14-year-old excitedly confided, “I’ve always wanted to do this.”

“Ah, get to cross something off your bucket list,” I said in a humorous tone.

“Exactly!” she agreed and didn’t appreciate my wit.

photo courtesy the web

photo courtesy the web

Wow.  If only all bucket lists were that easy to accomplish.  A few years ago when that Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman movie came out bucket lists became in vogue.  So, of course, I didn’t make one.  I’ve never been good at making goals.  Too much pressure.  I prefer to make what I call “bite-sized steps.”  Mini-goals if you will.  Things that I’m sure I’ll accomplish and can cross off my daily list.  Because I really like crossing things off my list.  It just feels so good.

But after Tuesday night I’ve been thinking about it.  Perhaps I do have a list of what I want to achieve before I die.  No, I’m not falling in line with a popular fad.  This is totally different than the fashionable bucket list, mind you.  A bucket list consists of goals to cross off before one dies.  My personal list consists of goals I want to cross off before I die.  See the difference?  There are just a few things I thought I’d share.

One:  I want to write the words to a song.  Not just any song.  A song that gets played ad nauseam on the radio.  One that the mass majority relates to and if that majority wants to show their affection with their pocketbook, well, I wouldn’t complain.  But I’d settle for a song that speaks to the heart.  Maybe one to help the Young Women when they are faced with dark days.

Two: I want to make a million people laugh simultaneously.  What?  Too much?  Okay, I want to be able to cause laughter – in a positive way (in other words, not laughing at me) for an audience.  If I were a braver person, I’d admit I want to be a standup comic.  But I don’t want to pay my dues with the small venues, flat jokes, and hecklers.  I want to skip to the Ellen Degeneres sized shows.

Three:  I want to save a life.  Not in the physical sense with CPR and first aid.  In fact, I’d prefer not to be around someone in medical need.  Unless, passing out myself will help someone with a medical issue, I better not be around a medical emergency.  But I want to help snatch someone from the dark abyss and help that person find the light.  To give hope to a hopeless situation.  To rescue a soul.

How To Save a Life – The Fray

Yeah, I think those are my current to-do’s on my life’s list.  I don’t think I’m asking too much.  Do you?  What’s on your list?