All we leave is a memory

The subject of immortality has tantalized imaginations for, well, ever. Perhaps the thought of living forever is appealing because we really don’t know what will happen when we die. There is a lot of speculation and debate about that but this post isn’t about all that fuss. No, this post is another gentle reminder. This post is about the only sure way we can live after death. And that one way is as a memory for other people.

If I allow you to make memories of me then I will live on when I’m gone. But I can’t control the memories you make of me. So, good or bad, I will live on with the tint and hue of your perception of me.

In other words, I can do my best to not make any ripples or cause any contention and your perception of me might be as an “aloof individual who always kept to herself.” True, my essence lives on but is that how I want to live on? I think I’d rather die with finality then be remembered as a “cold, isolated person” who “never took the time to get to know other people.” That would be akin to the moral of “Death Becomes Her,” the 1992 film starring Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn. I haven’t watched that movie in a long time but I remember the overall lesson of it.

In short, this is just another reminder to clear up misunderstandings now. Work out the hurt (if possible) with other people. Because if I am going to live on in your memory then why would I want to play the role of villain in your forever memory?

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