The Unknown

The unknown scares me. Always has. I don’t like the dark because I can’t see and I become enveloped in the unknown. The future worries me because as much as I plan I can’t account for the unknown variable. Meeting new people scares me because what will we talk about, will they like me? Yes, the unknown scares me. Or it used to until I discovered a trick.

I now call the unknown Dolly. Giving it a name makes it known. I know it, I call it. Who can be afraid of a Dolly? I mean, in fairness, the only Dolly I know is the singer Dolly Parton. She doesn’t look scary at all. She looks like a hoot.

Now when I face the unknown I simply say, “Hello Dolly. It’s been a while. I am not afraid of you.” Then I proceed with familiarity and trust.

I am no longer scared of the unknown because the unknown no longer exists.

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