As for me, I believe there’s a heaven

You probably remember this as well as I do. At the start of the United State’s lockdown to “flatten the curve” when we all started quarantining in our homes a few celebrities put out a video of them singing John Lennon’s Imagine. While the song has a pretty tune, it did not bring me any comfort. No offense to any Lennon fans out there but imagining “there’s no heaven” is not a comforting thought. Especially at the beginning of my first pandemic. For me, it is actually a depressing thought.

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Hallelujah – Anxiety Version

Yet another version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.  Poor man.  Writes one song that resonates with everyone and loses ownership of it.  Alas, I am not a singer so my song can only be sung in your head. 

I heard about old Jericho,

the walls fell when the trumpets did blow

but you don’t really want to lose your walls do you?

It went like this they circled around

and the Lord knocked the wall down

and they were able to sing their hallelujah.

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Miniatures Make the World Better

I’ve always loved miniatures.  A screwdriver is just a screwdriver unless it’s a tiny one.  Then I must confiscate it.  And I would.  Mom used to have a little screwdriver, I guess for glasses or just really tiny screws.  Whenever I’d see it I’d take it.  There’s this motto that everyone in my life should get used to.  The motto is, “If it’s a teeny-tiny (fill in the blank) it’s Corina’s,” because it is or it will be as soon as I make it so.   I will take it.  If the tiny screwdriver was missing, she would look for it in my room and find it.  She’d put it away until I’d find it and again remove it to a better place (my room).

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