Lessons of the river

A river seemingly at rest lacks what? Rocks, depth, and velocity change the nature of a river from peaceful to rapids. So what can we learn from a river? What is the difference between a lazy, peaceful river and rapids?

First of all, a peaceful river will also have rocks. There may be giant boulders sitting in the middle of any river. But that river may not be considered rapid.

Second, a river may be quite deep without any rapids.

However, if there is a swift current with boulders and depth that spot in the river is going to be considered rapid.

So what can we learn from a river? How can we change our moment from being a rapid to more like a peaceful river? Here are some thoughts.

1) Sometimes you aren’t going to be able to remove the boulder. Boulders or obstacles are going to come at you. That is a fact of life that can’t always be controlled. You will have to determine which obstacles can be removed and which obstacles you will have to “flow around.”

2) Sometimes life is going to get pretty deep. That’s just the way it is. You will have to accept those deep moments as part of your river. But deep moments don’t have to drown you. If you feel overwhelmed learn how to stay afloat. Build a raft if necessary. Just know that deep moments don’t alway last and there may be shallow water up ahead for you to regain your footing. Do what it takes to keep your head above water.

3) It’s the current of the river combined with the other two things mentioned that is going to cause rapids. Learn how to slow your current down. Take a deep breath. Go away for a weekend. Look down river for those peaceful spots to get you through this rapid. Just know, rapids do not last forever. Rapids give way to peaceful spots and so will you. If you are drowning in rapids make the changes to slow your current down. Level off your river so that there is no downhill slope to sweep you away. It takes work and patience but it is worth it. Only you can slow your current.

These are just a few lessons I observed watching a river. What lessons have you learned from observing nature?

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