Friday ramblings: Passion

I like to watch Nature on PBS.  There are so many dedicated people who have a passion for doing good and helping the world out.  In one program I watched different people help out orphaned animals.  Not the typical, cutesy animals that usually get all the attention either.  A sloth, a bat, and a kangaroo were all saved because three different people in three different locations worked to save these animals. Continue reading

What’s on PBS tonight?

I never used to watch PBS.  In fact, I made fun of people who watched public programming.  Sort of.  I mocked them by mocking myself.  I’ve even described people by saying things like, “She’s PBS and I’m E!.  We will never be friends.”

I’d like to point out it’s been years since I’ve watched anything on E!.  This confession has nothing to do with this post, I just want to put it out there.

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