General Conference thoughts: He Goes Before Us

Here’s the thing. We are on Heavenly Father’s timetable. He knows the schedule. We are on schedule. Trust in this fact. I don’t know about you but this helps me to have peace despite our current climate.

I have this theory and it is only opinion so take what you will from it. I’m going to offer it as food for thought though. Notice I’m not citing any references so it is purely my own interpretation of the matter. But looking at Official Declaration 2 and it is my theory that this came about when it did because we as a society and people needed to be ready. There have been a lot of comments and debate about the timing of the priesthood becoming available to all worthy males but I truly believe the Lord had to wait for us to get our act together. This was always the plan but we had to have certain things in place before it could happen.

I use this as an example to show that we are on the Lord’s timetable and the restoration is unfolding line upon line as we are prepared for it. Don’t worry, it’s all going according to plan.

  • Imagine going to the temple before being baptized. How does each saving ordinance prepare us for the next step?
  • What are some events of the Restoration you have witnessed first hand?
  • How has the Spirit of Elijah blessed your life?
  • How have you utilized the Spirit of Elijah?
  • What is your testimony of the Restoration of the gospel?
  • Why is your church membership important to you?
  • How do you not take for granted your knowledge of the Restoration of the gospel?

He Goes before Us by President Henry B. Eyring

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