General Conference thoughts: Be Faithful, Not Faithless

If anyone is paying attention there has been a major theme during conference lately. Or maybe the theme has always been there but I’m just now noticing it? Here’s what I’m picking up: it is time to level up, folks.

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General Conference thoughts: Preparing for the Lord’s Return

I remember reading the New Testament years ago.  It was perhaps my first time through it or the first time I paid attention to Matthew 24 when I had the thought – this is real.  We are not preparing for the Lord’s return figuratively or so far in the distant it is abstract.  No, this is a real event that is approaching and I need to be ready. Continue reading

Be Not Deceived

After traversing through a difficult trial that tested the limits of my faith, a church leader read Doctrine and Covenants 112:24-26 to me. Whether he intended to have me read it as a warning because of the actions of others or my own actions I’m still unclear. But it did get me thinking about the verses and led to a personal study. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject of being deceived. Or rather, how I can avoid being deceived in the days that blur the line between fact and fiction, right and wrong, light and dark. Continue reading