We all have to start somewhere…

I am trying to help my dad cut the cord to cable and move to Roku. It’s not an easy transition since he is familiar with cable and all of its schedules and shows. But cable is dying away so he is about to have no choice. I thought for sure if I enticed him with a John Wayne movie he would buy into the streaming television choice. What I learned that night though is not all John Wayne movies are created equal. His early work are unintentional comedies as he outgrew Marion Morrison and perfected becoming, well, John Wayne.

I noticed there was a classic western channel on Roku so I thought we’d start there. In it is a John Wayne section. John Wayne movies dad can watch on demand? Surely, this will be a pro. We sat down together to watch a John Wayne movie and I was sure he was going to enjoy this little perk. What we found however, is most of the movies in this section are early Wayne movies. Before he gained the clout as John Wayne the persona but was still John Wayne the struggling actor. The movie we chose to watch that night is called The Star Packer. It’s a 1934 western that finds John playing a John who signs on to be a sheriff of a town that needs some law and order.

It was cheesy and corny and made us laugh. It wasn’t supposed to make us laugh though. The quality is deteriorating and it is evident there wasn’t a lot of time spent on this little movie. Part of the problem, apparently, is the movie fell into public domain territory so there are many poor copies circulating and this was a copy of a copy of a… you get the idea.

Whatever the reason, it is a one-time watch only. The plot is predictable and the acting is reminiscent of a bad soap opera. It does have a happy ending so there’s that.

The point is John Wayne didn’t start off being John Wayne. It took dedication, practice, and a lot of work. He fine tuned John Wayne the only way he could. But he gained the scars and experience to get him there. If I only knew him from that 1934 movie I wouldn’t have expected to ever see him again.

Anything we do in life is going to take practice. Whether it be our profession, our hobby, our faith, or even our family. Anything we think worth doing is going to take time and practice.

What is one thing you choose to spend your time and effort doing? What is one thing you practice daily?

4 thoughts on “We all have to start somewhere…

  1. The main thing I do every day is ask what it is I should repent of and when I find out ask for the strength and wisdom to turn from it. I’ve only started doing this over the past year, but I wish I started decades ago.

  2. One thing that I try to do daily is to make an entry into my gratitude journal even if it is only one word. Finding good in the world no matter how small changes the way I look at the rest of the world. I noticed that the hardest times I have gone through in my life are the ones where I could not muster even a one word entry.

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