The Reach

Some baby animals are born and can stand and walk within a short amount of time. For example, an elephant can stand 20 minutes after being born and learns to walk within its first hour. In two days, it can keep up with the herd. A giraffe can walk in about 30 minutes. For a human baby, the time varies but typically ranges between 9 and 18 months. Several factors need to fall into place before a baby becomes mobile. Two of those factors can teach us adults important principles in goal setting. They are vision and reach.

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We all have to start somewhere…

I am trying to help my dad cut the cord to cable and move to Roku. It’s not an easy transition since he is familiar with cable and all of its schedules and shows. But cable is dying away so he is about to have no choice. I thought for sure if I enticed him with a John Wayne movie he would buy into the streaming television choice. What I learned that night though is not all John Wayne movies are created equal. His early work are unintentional comedies as he outgrew Marion Morrison and perfected becoming, well, John Wayne.

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Every day begins a new year

January is a time for resolutions.  We resolve to be a better person or develop better habits.  Most resolutions don’t make it past the first month.  For some, they don’t make it past the first week.  By February we settle back into our old habits and ways and don’t dust off the resolution until next January.  That’s just silly.  Every day begins a new year, January 13 to January 13 is still a year.  In short, there is no better time to improve than today.  Continue reading