General Conference thoughts: Your Great Adventure

The meme makers went crazy over this talk. Don’t let the lighthearted analogy deter you from the profound truths in this talk. Elder Uchtdorf offered some hefty soul-meat at his table.

So many ways to center this talk around a discussion. Here are a couple I thought of. What would you pack for a great journey? A few items in a bag could be shown to the class. The items would represent points in his talk such as a heart cut out, a hand cutout, a mouth cutout, and a watch. Each item represents a subject in his talk. Ask the group which one belongs to which topic header.

Or, since there is so many great quotes in this talk, maybe split the class up into sections and have each section find one quote to share.

As always, Elder Uchtdorf gave no limit on how to have a meaningful discussion centered on his talk. Like an onion, it has many layers.

Your Great Adventure by Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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