General Conference thoughts: Standing by Our Promises and Covenants

In a book (and later a movie) called Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine, the heroine, Ella, receives a very unhelpful blessing which quickly becomes a curse. She must obey any command given to her by another person. Imagine if we had a similar blessing given to us except with a twist. We would have to do anything we ourselves pledge to do. Any pledge that comes out of our mouth would require immediate and literal action by us. Would that curtail the things we speak?

What are some things you have said today? Make a list of your commitments you have made just this morning. The list will include conversations with your family prior to church and even at church. Prioritize your list. Which ones have you followed through on already? Which ones are on your perpetual list? Have you been a person of your word or is this something that may require some attention? If you are prone to speak without action how can you become more reliable? Why is this important in your relationship with God?

Standing by Our Promises and Covenants by Ronald A. Rasband

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