General Conference thoughts: Come, Follow Me

When I think of the word ‘come’ I think action.  I also think of joining someone else.  Come, for me, is movement toward something or someone else. It’s an invitation to connect or join with someone and not be alone.

The word ‘go’ implies something a little different.  For me anyway.  Although it is also an action word I think of moving away from something.  It is more of a solitude motion. I think of leaving.

Sometimes the Savior used both as one invitation.  In Matthew 19:21 Jesus counsels the rich young ruler to “go and sell that thou hast…and come and follow me.”  What I picture here is first an act of one.  The young man must first demonstrate his commitment by going and doing.  First, he must leave his comfort zone. Once he has taken care of that first lonely step he is then invited to come and join.

In other words, take that first movement to change, to get out of your comfort zone, to make the commitment.  The sincerity of the movement is the first step and you alone can make it.  This action has to come from you.

Once that first step is taken or change is initiated then come.  Come and join others who are on  that same path.  Come, you are not alone.   Move yourself from where you are to somewhere better.  Come is the invitation extended to all.

Come, Follow Me

by President Russell M. Nelson

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