Poor Willie Strang

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve read a couple of books regarding Brown’s Park (Hole).  An area that straddles Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah.  My interest is piqued because I have ancestors that lived in that area in the early 20th century.  I didn’t find much family history in my reading but I did read the sad story of Willie Strang.  He was 14 or 15 when killed by Johnson (or Johnston).  It’s a sad story that caught my attention.  I attempted to write about it in next week’s poem but didn’t like it so this week is take 2.  After I finished this poem I think I prefer the first one better.  It is now up to you, dear reader, to decide which poem is better.  

Poor Willie Strang

met a most tragic end

when his dad

sent the lad

to work with a family friend.


But Willie Strang

found the arrangement a bore

so instead

he fled

searching for something more.


That Willie Strang

longed to be cowpoke

so he

could be

part of the country folk.


So Willie Strang

made Johnson his hero.

A mistake

to make

but he was too young to know.


Poor Willie Strang

without thought or plan

tipped the cup

merrily up

but he teased the wrong man!


Young Willie Strang

laughing ran away.

“A lesson,”

said Johnson,

“That boy will learn this day.”


That Willie Strang

had a bullet sent just to

graze near

his ear

but Johnson had drank a few.


So Willie Strang

was shot in the back instead.

The coward man

quickly ran

when the boy fell down dead.


Poor Willie Strang

his youthful trust came at quite the cost.

None at all

to recall.

His forgotten grave now is lost.

© 2019 ck’s days

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