My Immortal Story

Songs are immortal. They slip in our lives without a beginning or end. Sometimes we attach memories to them and that dates them.

“My Immortal” came on the car radio.

Normally when this happens I launch into my “My Immortal” story. But I was traveling in the car alone. So instead, I thought of the story. And with the story I dated the song. “It’s been at least 10 years since this came out?” I thought or perhaps muttered to myself. “Wow.” The idea settled. “It’s been 10 years since I lived in Utah?” For some time, I’ve been keenly aware of the fact I moved back to Wyoming 10 years ago. I just didn’t make the connection that it has been 10 years since I lived in Utah.

But I digress.

Here’s my “My Immortal” story I share whenever the song comes on.

I worked at a video production place in Utah. One of my co-workers, a Frenchman named Eric, was a talented videographer. And by talented I mean he was better than me. But videography was never my strong suit (I’m an editor). So, this may not be that big of a boast.

This song came out – or at least hit Utah – while we worked together. He would close himself in an editing bay and listen to the song over and over again while eating lunch.


That’s my big regret. I never asked the why. It seemed to haunt him. I am left to conjecture his story and that seems like a letdown. A disappointment to the truth.

Is it weird?

Oh, heck yeah. And that’s why I share it with people. Because we like to hear stories of other people being odd. I think it reassures us that maybe we’re not as off kilter as we think.

But I always wonder what the story behind the song is.

4 thoughts on “My Immortal Story

  1. Such a beautiful song. I cried when I first heard this many years ago. Listening to it today, has different meaning to me but still can make me cry. Brilliant artist.

  2. I find this song very attractive, I love the song!♥ Very haunting, and the lyrics are very clever, they fit more than one type of relationship, which I’m sure makes it even more appealing to a lot people. So you never asked him why he did that – I would have, I’d have been so fascinated I might have just crossed the line in nosiness to find out!! 🙂

  3. Shucks! I wish you would have worked with him. I can’t even remember his last name so I will never know this story. I sure wish I would have been bolder.

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