Conversations with myself

I’m not sure if anyone else would be interested in this.  Perhaps, I am putting this post out there merely as a way to say, “This is what I do.  If you do something similar to this then you’re more normal than you think.” Or something along that line.  Or maybe it’s just to prove I am alone in this.

I have conversations with myself.  Usually while I’m walking.  A particular thought train comes and I jump on board and ride it down the track a bit.  Working things out.  Sorting.  Processing.  Being odd.  Whatever you want to call it.

The other day my conversation went something like this:

I am starting to see the merits of quid pro quo.

Wait, is that really the road you want to go down?

I’m just going to be like everybody else.  I’m tired of not getting anything in return.

So, you’re going to be childish and a brat?

(that was a pretty good point and a took a moment for a response)  Maybe just for a while.

What if you act this way and it becomes who you are?

Dang me.

This is where I became consciously distracted with something else because I knew I lost the argument.  The good news is I also won it since I was only arguing with myself.

Anyone else argue with themselves or is it just me?

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