Absence of conflict: good in life, bad in movies

I once read a book that had no tense conflict in it.  Every page I turned I was waiting for the ball to drop and when it didn’t I thought it was a rather boring book.  That’s when I realized conflict is a necessary component in any story.  There needs to be tension for the characters to get through.  But what kind of conflict makes for good reading?I have watched my fair share of romantic comedies.  Their favorite go-to for conflict is poor communication.  But how realistic is that?  Are we a species that communicates so poorly that we cause unneeded stress?  How ironic that we have advanced abilities to connect but still miss out on doing so.

Here’s a couple of questions for you.

What type of conflict is in your favorite story?

Do you think we communicate as poorly as the stories portray?

Looking forward to receiving some feedback!

2 thoughts on “Absence of conflict: good in life, bad in movies

  1. Miscommunication should be the result of deeper conflicts that keep the reader or viewer interested. In itself it doesn’t seem adequate as you seem to be saying. We saw the 2008 movie Ghost Town last night. There was miscommunication, but the character problems went deeper than better communication could resolve. It took a surprise resolution at the end to get things right. I think that would be my example of a story well told.

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