Absence of conflict: good in life, bad in movies

I once read a book that had no tense conflict in it.  Every page I turned I was waiting for the ball to drop and when it didn’t I thought it was a rather boring book.  That’s when I realized conflict is a necessary component in any story.  There needs to be tension for the characters to get through.  But what kind of conflict makes for good reading? Continue reading


Just Don’t Think About it that Much

I went to see the Avengers.  So, maybe I’ve seen it twice already in the first two weeks it’s been playing.  Don’t be a judger.  Anyway, I’ve seen it twice and to sum up – I like it.  My favorite line actually belongs to Thor.  (spoiler alert) After warning the others to be respectful about Loki because he is his brother he finds out what a bad boy Loki has been.  “He is adopted,” Thor responds.   I know, I know, I’ve seen the articles detailing how insensitive that joke was to the adoption community.  I’ll let them wage that battle.  And in my political incorrectness I’m going to laugh because it is funny.

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