Greatest Love

While discussing with someone who was getting a divorce I used the phrase “prelude to love.”  I liked the phrase so I worked it into a poem.  It reminds me of a song Reba would sing.  Am I wrong?

I am a fool.

I thought we had forever.

I thought it was love.

I thought we were together.


You were my world,

my greatest love.

But I was the prelude

to your greatest love.


You didn’t know,

you didn’t meant to hurt me.

You didn’t know what love is

but now you can clearly see.


I was happy,

but I wasn’t enough.

I was just a prelude

to your greatest love.


Go now, just go.

Do what you have to do.

I am hurt

but I also thank you.


Now I know,

I can offer my whole heart.

I have love to give

and I have yet to give my best part.


You were my world

when my world was small enough

but now you are

a prelude to my greatest love.

© 2017 ck’s days


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