Thanksgiving is the Best

Reasons why Thanksgiving deserves more attention:

10. It sometimes comes with a bonus holiday for work.  A FOUR DAY weekend.  Can’t kick on that.  Even Christmas is a one day package.

9. Unlike other countries, it gives an official start to the Christmas season. Okay, now we can watch those Christmas movies.  How do other countries know the season has even started?

8. It’s a day devoted to giving thanks before we have the juxtaposition of showing greed at the stores.

7. There is no annoying myth to keep up for the kiddos.  No jolly man with elves, no leprechaun’s shenanigans, and best of all, no freaky rabbit hiding eggs.

6. No having to go out in the cold begging for handouts.

5. You can wear big sweaters to hide the winter insulation around your tummy.

4. No stress of buying and hiding gifts.

3. It’s a time for family.

2. It’s the underdog holiday.  I like a good underdog story.

1. Food is the main factor.  Lots and lots of food.

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