The Burden

“Here, carry this burden for awhile,” they said.  “But don’t worry, we will be here to help you.  You won’t be alone.”

“Okay,” I agreed.  “I will carry it for awhile.” I thought I could help.

After many days, the burden became heavy and I needed relief.  “Please help,” I asked.

“Hmm,” came the reply, “we are pretty busy.  Why do you ask for help from your burden that you agreed to carry?”

“Because it grows heavy and I am tired.  I need some relief and you said you’d help me.”

“Maybe if you shift your weight a little.  Have you tried to carry it like that for a bit?”

I followed their suggestion.

“Does that help?” they asked.

“No, not really,” I responded.

“Well, it’s your fault you are tired.  You are carrying it all wrong,” they said.

I looked at them for a moment.  “I am on my own with this, aren’t I?”





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