A detailed street sign

street sign

It’s probably just me but this street sign in my town gives me the giggles. It’s at an intersection and as you can see, is very detailed on how the intersection looks.

I don’t know why.  I picture the employee who took the time to draw a detailed picture for the sign maker.  Or the poor person who happens upon the intersection for the first time, in the dark, and drives off the road (I’d like to ask a newcomer if this sign is helpful).  Or the devious street planner who created an intersection knowing how the sign would look.

Whatever it is, I’m pretty certain I am the only person who sees humor in this.  I’m okay with that.


One thought on “A detailed street sign

  1. It’s a bit like spaghetti! 😀 There an area of roads in a city called Birmingham in the UK actually nicknamed ‘spaghetti junction’ because it’s so confusing, a complex of road bridges criss-crossing over each other. Don’t think it gives anyone the giggles though, more like nightmares!!

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