Anything but That!

They outnumber me

two to one,

I look at the clock

this won’t be fun.

“Sit in your chairs please,”

I ask nicely.

Nope. Not going to

and they run around me.

What time is it now?

Two minutes later.

I’m not going to make it

my nerves will crater.

I suppose they aren’t bullies

since they are only 3 feet tall

but they do throw a mean punch

and don’t listen at all.

So the next time

that teacher sees me

and asks if I can help, I’ll say,

“Anything but Primary!”

© 2015 ck’s days


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3 thoughts on “Anything but That!

  1. The energy level would be great. And the fact that when you get cranky the remedy is to take a nap. Wish that would happen now! When I get cranky at work I would love if someone said, “It’s nap time” instead of “get over it.”

  2. Haha, yes it would, and maybe they should, naps are not just for toddlers – we all need them. Next time someone suggests getting over it, just say “Don’t worry I will, after I take my nap.” 😉

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