Relax, it’s just a holiday

Love it or hate it – because there is rarely an in-between – Halloween is this Friday.

I suppose the push of terror and all things evil has something to do with the loathing. Plus, there’s all that candy that’s dished out to young souls who already get in trouble for not sitting still.

To that I say, relax. It’s just a holiday. Using my holiday schedule at work as a judge, it’s a pseudo-holiday at best. After all, I get Columbus Day off. Col-um-bus Day.  But I’ll be working all day Halloween. We do have to give it some props though because any day that can get adults to dress up as silly cartoon characters can’t be all bad.

Personally, I’ve always liked the day. Not the scary-movie, horrifying-costumes, spine-tingling hijinks that accompanies it but rather the dressing up. My first career ambition was to be a famous actress so I’ve always appreciated a day when pretending to be someone else is perfectly acceptable. Nowadays, this curmudgeon likes to stay at home and give out candy to the trick-or-treaters. It’s fun to see how many different characters come to my door in a two hour span.

So, to all those who detest the holiday – don’t worry. That bigger holiday just under two months away is ever encroaching on All Hallows’ Eve’s turf. Come November 1 the focus will be on the holiday of all holidays.

I wanted to find out more about Halloween so I went to Because I should be able to trust the historical facts when history is in the name, right?

Here’s some videos if you’re curious, too.

2 thoughts on “Relax, it’s just a holiday

  1. I’m a bit neutral on Halloween, I don’t go in for it, but I’m not against it either. But like Christmas it’s all got a bit lost as to what it actually was. It’s amazing how many people are ill informed on it’s history and are actually are afraid to have anything to do with this fun day because they honestly believe it’s a celebration of evil. It never was a celebration of evil at all, just a strange belief that the dead might be able to return in spirit on that day. I’m not sure I buy that belief myself, but I can’t see it’s got anything to do with evil. It does seem to have turned into something that I can understand some thinking is actually evil (it is a bit weird!) but most of it is fantasy based. If that kind of ghoulish nonsense doesn’t actually exist, how can it be a celebration of evil? It’s not the reality of true evil.

    I’ve never been to a Halloween party, mainly because my friends aren’t into it either, but if I ever got an invite, I think I’d just go along and enjoy myself. I’m sure I’m mature enough by now to know what is evil and what isn’t! 😀

  2. This is one holiday I’m ok with it being commercialized. It’s just silly and fun. And I like dressing up I’m just too lazy to do it more often. I also don’t like the movies! It’s hard to find something to watch Halloween season.

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