My Immortal Story

Songs are immortal. They slip in our lives without a beginning or end. Sometimes we attach memories to them and that dates them.

“My Immortal” came on the car radio.

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My afghan of many colors…

Perhaps you have read the story in the bible about Joseph’s coat of many colors?  True, it’s no Moses and the Red Sea parting but it’s still kind of famous.  There’s a Broadway play that borrowed it.  After including some songs, of course.  At least, I assume playwriters added the songs.  I can’t imagine anyone broke into song and dance in real life but I won’t guarantee it.  I wasn’t there.

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My cell phone buzzed at work the other day.  It was a call from my oldest niece, Lyn.  I hesitated to answer it because every single time I check my phone, my boss walks in.  Cell phones are a no-no at work.  But Lyn rarely calls me and I remembered the time when she called and it was an emergency.  I decided to be brave (family trumps work after all) and answered.

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