I Made a Mistake

I made a mistake

I messed up big today.

Now sleep will not come while

my mind is stuck on replay.


I want to make amends –

I need to make it right

but there is nothing I can do

about this problem tonight.


I pray that I find

a place to safely keep

my worry tucked in

so that I can get some sleep.


And maybe with the help

of the light of the sun

I’ll find the solution

to fix this one.


Courage tomorrow

as soon as I rise

but until then,

let me close my eyes.


And just for tonight

I hope sleep finds me

so that I can relax

and dream peacefully.

© 2014 ck’s days


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3 thoughts on “I Made a Mistake

  1. The mind can cause a lot of trouble with sleep, I used to get an over-active mind like that. Was this one of your sleepless nights? I’m up late tonight, occupying myself with all those blogs I’ve yet to get round to. My trouble is, I get so tired about 9pm, so tired I can’t think, I fall into bed like a dead log and by 1-2am I’m wide awake. Not an active mind like I used to get, just wide awake – so annoying. But I shouldn’t complain, at least I have so much to keep me occupied on the internet these days, do all those things on the list I couldn’t do during the day! 😉

  2. Sometimes I start thinking of something and can’t let it go. If I could just realize it will wait for me till morning and relax about it for the evening. But no. Problems are always much weightier at night…

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