I Prayed for Wisdom

I prayed for wisdom

and immediately did something foolish.

Were my words wasted?

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My scariest experience in a cemetery is not what it sounds like

It may sound odd, but one of my favorite places to walk is in our local cemetery.  I live right next door to it so it is convenient, plus it’s pretty, quiet, and the roads are paved and kept up fairly well.  During our snow-pocalypse this winter the small cemetery roads were the only paved roads nearby.  During the middle of summer, my walks tended to be in the evening.  Usually right before sunset.  I could get a good view of the sunset and enjoy some peaceful, reflecting time.   Except one Saturday in July changed all that.    Continue reading


From a recent Facebook post of mine:

I just reheard this definition from Albert Einstein:
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Hmm, perhaps, for example, and I’m just throwing this out there, like inserting a DVD in the player and getting an error message so ejecting it.

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It’s not the thing you fling

I was ready.

In 1997 I lived in Texas where I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  As a missionary, I spent my time preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  At any given moment, I needed to be ready to share a profound thought usually expounding scripture.

I’ve always been a fan of adages and I collected quotes that I thought were short nuggets of profound wisdom before my mission.   The more obscure the reference the better.  By the time I left on my mission I had a library of rather exceptional maxims.

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See What Happened Was

Yes, I know better.  I’ve been careful to not mention any names in my blog.  Not only to protect privacy but also to keep names out of the googlesphere.  For example, one of my nieces could apply for a job and her prospective employer Googles her name.  I don’t want something I view as a cute anecdote such as “Family Prayer” to be an embarrassing hindrance.   Or a worst case scenario, at least, according to them, (gasp) a boyfriend could stumble on one of my blogs.  It’s the 21st century way to embarrass the young’uns.

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