Sweet dreams

Occasionally I dream of my mom.  I can no longer see her face but I can feel her presence.  I simply know it’s her.  Lately, when mom does come to visit in a dream it’s with the “she’s not really gone.  She didn’t die.  She was not as sick as we thought,” theme.  I get this hope inside me.  You know, like the hope Rafiki gives to Simba about Mufasa.  Simba chases after the aged simian and the audience thinks, “Oh, I hope Mufasa is really alive!”

I wake up as disappointed as Simba when he looks at his reflection in the pool of water.  Mom is gone.

When she does make an appearance in my dreams she usually talks to the family.  Or helps us out.  We tend to keep her pretty busy.  Some things never change.

I experienced a rather stressful weekend last week.  Not bad stress just busy stress.  I kept busy from quitting time on Friday to Sunday afternoon.  At times, I felt overwhelmed.  Sometimes inadequate.  I questioned if I am really cut out to do the job asked of me.  Thankfully, I was so busy I didn’t have much time to devote to self-doubt.

By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around I felt exhausted.  I gave my best and prayed it was good enough.  That night I had a momma-dream.  This time we just hugged.  It was a long embrace that lasted until I woke up.

It was enough.

I received the strength I needed to face my week.  Yeah, I got this.

2 thoughts on “Sweet dreams

  1. Aahh – how lovely to get a hug from your Mum, even in a dream! 🙂 I know the kind of dreams you are talking of – I had many of those (she wasn’t actually ill – she didn’t die ones.) And then I had it over again with my Dad! They seemed to have stopped now. I’m sure our brains take a lot longer to accept change than we realise, and dreams are part of that (sorting into the correct file.) 🙂 But I guess we will never be 100% sure what dreams are, whether there is another dimension to them than just the brain ticking thoughts over. I hope we get to find out eventually! 🙂

  2. I like to think there is something more to the dreams. Let me rephrase that – I like to think there is something more to the pleasant dreams. The scary ones can be just mind tricking dreams!
    After I wrote this I had another dream and I could see her face again. That was nice (but probably forced by my talk of it).

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