Gotta love them Christmas classics!

It’s time to watch the annual festive movies.  The must-sees:

“It’s a Wonderful Life,” I need to watch a little earlier in the day.  It’s a good movie but it’s almost like two movies in one.  Let’s just say, I do not watch that one while lying down on the couch.  It’s best to keep a little busy to prevent accidental snoozing.

“Christmas Vacation,” it is crude and slapstick.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t quote entire scenes from it.  Or that I can’t relate to it at all.

“Christmas in Connecticut,” an accidental find.  I found it one year when I was going through if-I-like black-and-white-movies-I appear-smarter phase.  Not sure I thought that plan out completely.

white christmas“White Christmas,” the Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby classic.  Or, I should say, Bing and Danny classic, right?  Top billing is top billing after all.   The movie starts out pleasant enough.  From the musical WWII scene (not your Saving Private Ryan scene) to the ending “White Christmas” sung by Mr. Crosby himself, this movie is a charmer.

There are some delightful lines and songs that just plain ol’ make me happy.  The sisters singing “Sisters” are topped by Wallace and Davis singing it in semi-drag.  The quartet singing “Snow” on the train is fun.  However, the line “I want to wash my hair in snow,” makes me cringe every time.  Really?  Why?  Who in their right mind would say, that sounds like a fun time? It sounds really, really cold.  Please, don’t do it.

Speaking of the train scene, when Wallace and Davis first see the sisters they are in a drawing room.  The next morning they are in berths.  What happened to the drawing room?  Did the fellas take their tickets back?  That sounds very ungentlmanly like.  If I were one of the sisters I’d say, “Keep your snow song and let me have the stinking drawing room.”  I don’t know if you heard but it’s kind of uncool to take a gift back.  Just sayin.

The best scene of the whole movie is the late night “Count your Blessings Instead of Sheep,” number.  Even the dialogue leading up to it makes one go “aww.”  At least this one goes aww (more to myself, not really out loud).

But then the movie takes a turn during the middle portion.  It loses focus on the story and shines a light on the talents of the stars.  This is a good time to fast forward or to take a little nap.  It’s okay, it’s long enough you can take a little snooze right in the middle and not miss any plot development.  You’ll know what I’m referring to when Danny Kaye poses the question “What has happened to the theater?”  I can tell you.  The audience all took this little plot-break to run to the restroom.  That’s what happened.

Once it gets back on track, the plot gets a little silly.  Emma causes trouble then develops convenient amnesia and can’t remember her part in the matter (she never does apologize).  Betty decides communication is not the best virtue and becomes a drama queen.  It makes me want to take Bob aside and say, “You know, there are other fish in the sea.  Betty seems a bit high maintenance.”  I would do it to, if you know, the cast were still alive and this wasn’t just a movie.

It all turns out okay in the end though.  Betty returns to probably cause Bob a lifetime of drama.  It even snows for the general so yay!

The other night I watched it on AMC and IMDB’d it.  Ready for some “White Christmas” trivia?

Betty is actually 7 years younger than Judy.

Emma is only 3 years older than Phil.  She is seven years younger than Bob.

Judy always wears turtlenecks because she suffered from anorexia for years.  It caused premature aging in her neck area.

Bob is 25 years older than Betty. (ick – this may now be kicked off my must-see list)

Bob and the general were born in the same year (which makes his line of “I’m starting to play a little trombone myself” when he’s trying to read the letter even funnier).

Ah, really gotta love those Christmas classics!


2 thoughts on “Gotta love them Christmas classics!

  1. All these years hearing about It’s A Wonderful Life, and I’ve still never seen it!! I shall have to see if it’s on You Tube. I’ve got a whole load of videos bookmarked on You Tube – I just got to find the time to watch them now! 😉

    And I don’t think I’ve seen White Christmas either! Somehow it doesn’t appeal that much, not sure why. Yes – and who would want to wash their hair in snow? Ouch! 😯 Don’t think you’d get much foaming action from your shampoo either! 🙂

  2. It’s a Wonderful Life is truly wonderful. Except it is quite long so be prepared for that. That’s one reason why it takes so long to getting around to watching it because I need to devote a good chunk of time to it. But I think it’s worth it.
    And White Christmas truly is a classic (if you like musicals) but you may want to skip a portion of it. It came about in the time when musicals liked to showcase talent so sometimes the story got a little sidetracked. But there really are some good parts of the movie worth watching 🙂

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