The quest continues: Thanksgiving movies

The next thing a holiday needs in order to make an impact is a movie.  Or, as in the case of Christmas, a lot of movies.   I’m not saying Thanksgiving movies need to start in September, but a few would be nice.

So… movies that involve Thanksgiving.


There was that Hallmark movie… even I didn’t watch it though.


Well, my niece Lyn likes to watch Miracle on 34th Street on Thanksgiving Day.  She says it combines the two holidays.  But still, even in the movie, the holiday gets the shaft because of a certain character that goes by the name Kris.

Time to Google it.

ENTERTAINMENT: Top 10 movies involving Thanksgiving by Dave Herndon – the News-Herald.

Now, I haven’t watched all the movies on the list.  I haven’t even heard of some of them so I will not endorse any.

Did you notice?  He mentioned Miracle on 34th Street.

I suppose if I were to have unlimited funds I could make my own Thanksgiving Day movie.  The plot would involve a family gathering for the feast and all the crazy hijinks that happen.

What?  It’s been done?


I’ll keep thinking.


If a movie isn’t possible, maybe a television show will do?

The best Thanksgiving episode. Ever by ck

One thought on “The quest continues: Thanksgiving movies

  1. I haven’t heard of most of those films! 😀 But, I’d definitely recommend Scent Of A Woman – stunning film! It took me years to get round to watching that. It came on TV one night (when I used to watch TV!) and I thought I’d give it 15-20 minutes, and if it was rubbish, turn it off. I never moved for the whole film! It was on BBC, no adverts in between, so I never rushed off to get a drink or have a pee even – it was such a good film. 😀 Is that one on the list you have seen?

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