My thankful list

I am thankful for…

a warm bed to climb into

the food in the cupboard and on the table

the company I keep

that I am fit and able

the car that I drive

the job that I go to

the bills I can pay

all that I get to do

the state I live in

the people I know

the education I have had

the places I can go

a hug and a kiss

a warm smile on a friendly face

my small crowd of fans cheering me on

an understanding grace

trials that knock me down

strength that helps me stand

opposition that makes me grow

an knowledge of the plan

the loving family that I have

my mom’s scriptures that I read

trust and faith extended to me

a small and kind deed

the Atonement offered to me

the fact I know where I belong

examples to light the way…

this list can go on and on.

I may not have it all

but I could not ask for more

except to say more often

what I’m thankful for.

© 2013 ck’s days


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2 thoughts on “My thankful list

  1. If we all made lists sometimes, we could probably find a lot more to be thankful than we do. It’s so easy to be aware of those things we haven’t got or the ones that we’ve lost, than it is to be aware of those things that still many in the world (all over the world) haven’t got, for one reason or another, even if it’s just peace. We rarely think about peace in our country except when it’s forced on us to think about it, and then it’s usually attached to past war thinking, which gets a little weird. But if we didn’t have peace, we’d be thinking about it, and wishing for it everyday! I shall have to make a list – and cheer myself up today. I’ll start with peace! 😀

  2. Ah, peace! That is a good one 🙂 Like you said, we seem to notice it more when we don’t have it.
    Whenever I am unhappy, I should make a list. Or as Bing sang, “When you’re worried and you can’t sleep, try counting blessings instead of sheep and you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings.” 🙂

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