The name sounds familiar….

A couple of months ago one of our IT guys left to find greener pastures.  His replacement, we were told, would be NC.

“NC?” I asked.  “I went to school with an NC.”

“This NC went to school in a neighboring community,” came the reply.

That sufficed.

Since then, NC and I have been working together trying to fix some glitches in the system.  In order for me to do my job and make my life easier, I need our system to talk to the state’s system with no misunderstanding.  That’s where NC comes in.  In this analogy, he’s the translator.

So, we’ve been working together.  Could he be the same NC that I knew in school?  That was over 20 years ago.  With the exception of me, of course, a funny thing happens to people after 20 years.  They morph into old people.  Was he the same NC I knew?  I have no idea.  Possibly.  We had a common friend and I knew NC more by name than by actual socializing.

Besides, I was told he didn’t go to school here.

On Friday, something came over me and I decided to ask.

“Where did you go to school?” I asked.

“Here,” he replied but seemed more anxious to find the current translation problem.

I should have stopped right there.

“Really?” I’m not that bright.  “I went to school with an NC.  When did you graduate?”


“I graduated in 1991.  You are the NC I went to school with.”

Really?  Was that necessary?

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember you.”

Let it drop, Lee.  You see, because of all my anxieties I suffered from in high school I was one odd duck.  It has taken me years to become the ultra-smooth, cool adult that I am now.  And what I mean by ultra-smooth, cool adult is I no longer care that I’m an odd duck.  At least, not as much as I used to.

So, I should have let it end with that.  Somebody doesn’t remember me from high school?  Hallelujah!

“You were friends with AP, right?” I pressed.  Darn pride needs to know when to let it go.

“Oh yeah,” he said excited.  “We were good friends.  More in grade school though.  We kind of drifted in high school.”

I nodded my head.  The damage was done.  I had nothing left to say.

“You know,” he continued, “I’m going to have to look you up in my yearbooks now.”

What?! Who still has their yearbooks as a ready reference 20 years after graduating?  They should be lost or put away in an attic somewhere.  Or burned.

Time to change the subject.  I asked him about our work assignment.

I may have to avoid him for, like, forever now.

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4 thoughts on “The name sounds familiar….

  1. How strange, ending up meeting someone from school all those years later! He’s obviously attached to those year books – useful to look people up though, or what they used to look like anyway!! Avoid him? You might get to like him after a while! 😉

    I remember when I was 18, ending up in hospital for a couple of weeks on a surgery ward. And the first morning after my surgery, feeling a little dizzy and wondering what the hell I was doing in a long room with about 20 other women! I noticed that the young man who’d walked in with a trolley selling morning newspapers and sweets was a boy who was in my class when I was 12, and I hadn’t seen him since that year. I never liked him much at the time, but now, I was half hanging out of the bed sheets having had a bit of a sleepless night, wearing one of those ever so glamorous never quite tied together hospital gowns, with a few blood stains on my upper half of my body, where the dressing from my surgery had leaked! I don’t know which one of us was more horrified!!! 😯 I drew the sheets over my head until he left! 😀

  2. It happens since I moved back to my home town. But usually it is vice-versa and people remember me. Not that I was popular – I was just the weird girl people remember. I was a little taken back when he didn’t (how dare he?!). When I talked to him on Monday (because there is no avoiding in our small office) he was starting to piece it together. “Didn’t you have a lot of black hair?” I wear it real short now. “Yes, I had a lot of hair (my chia pet phase) but it wasn’t black.” He never did look at his yearbooks though. Whew!
    That was a funny story (and typical right? Isn’t that about how it always works?). Did you ever see him again or did he avoid you completely after that?

  3. Oh yes I saw him every morning at 8am! He was the newsagent on wheels!!! 😀 I pretty much turned the other way every morning and pretended to be asleep. I was so glad when that two week stay came to an end! But think about it – it could have been worse, he could have turned up as a junior male nurse – aaahhh!!! 😯

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