A Ghost of a Story Part II

II. Dave Lewis, 1899

Dave Lewis was not a particularly agreeable man.  Most of the miners didn’t like him but that suited him just fine.  He didn’t like them so he didn’t lose any sleep.  If his parents hadn’t up and died when he was seven he wouldn’t be stuck working in the mines anyway.  His one personality talent his father bestowed on him was the ability to grovel and suck up when needed to and he had rose in rank to pit boss.  From his momma he was blessed him with a good sense of reality.  This was as far as he expected to climb the ladder.  He was keenly aware of his limits.  That didn’t keep him from daydreaming about making it rich and settling somewhere on a ranch where he could grow fruit trees.  Lots of fruit trees.  Far away from the dry, dusty high mountain desert he was presently stuck in. Continue reading

A Ghost of a Story Part I

I. Kit Malone, 1924

Kathryn Jane Malone, although the only time she better hear her full name is if she was in trouble, otherwise, you better call her Kit, wiped the sweat off her brow.  Of course her boss Mickey sent her on a fool’s errand for this story.  That’s what she felt like, a fool.  It wasn’t easy for a woman to break into the newspaper business but Kit was a determined sort.  All she needed was a break.  Even a bad one.  That’s why she jumped at the chance to chase down an old miner for the sake of a possible byline.  Imagine, her name in the paper.  Or the gender neutral K.J. Malone to fool the readers into thinking they were reading a story by a male reporter.  But she would know the truth.  If Mickey honored his word, this byline would be hers.  First though, she needed to get the story. Mickey sent her to get a ghost story of all things.  What a ridiculous thing to report.  No wonder Mickey relegated it to a woman.  None of his precious male reporters wanted touch it. She knew full well she was his scape-goat but she was determined to turn this lemon into lemonade. Continue reading