Birthday Road Trip: Day 1 (Nebraska)

My Road Trip Begins! video

August 3:  My Missouri Road Trip, aka my 11th 29th birthday road trip, aka my 2013 Road Trip is officially underway.  I traveled a total of 479 miles today.

One advantage of traveling alone is I picked out a couple of books on CD.  I’ve been listening to Wicked.  My dreams should be fairly entertaining tonight.  If I get to sleep long enough to dream.


My security system. I know it won’t protect me but if someone tries to open my door I will be sure to hear it!

Tonight I am resting in a very noisy Super 8 room with the door locked, latched, dead bolted, and a chair in front of the door just for an extra precaution.  Yeah, I’m a little paranoid like that.  It doesn’t help that I am sharing the complex with the Del Fuegos. Don’t get the reference?  Google Del Fuego Wild Hog.   Yep, there are more bikers here than I usually encounter at a KOA.  There are almost more bikers here than in Sturgis.  Okay, that’s a lie.

I’m not too worried (I lie).  They are congregating underneath my window outside.  One just laughed like Jack.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Watch Wild Hogs.  The easy answer would be to just close my window.  Yes, except I accidently requested a smoking room and the hotel was too booked to switch to a non-smoking room.  So, I’m stuck for the night.  But it’s just for one night.  Tomorrow I’ll be in Missouri… unless I get lost.  I wish that was only a joke.

My trip so far has consisted of traveling east on I-80.  It’s been pretty simple. Tomorrow though I’m going to have to turn at Lincoln and then it gets tricky.  My plan is to end up in Independence.  That’s where my reservation is for the rest of the week.  But we’ll see how much of a scenic route I actually take to get there.  This is when a traveling buddy would come in handy.  You know, to tell me, “That’s our exit!  Get left, get left, get left!”

Right now though, I’m going to study the map a little more while listening to the non-melodious sound of bikes going in and out of the parking lot.

Day one of my road trip is drawing to a close and I’m tired.  Good night!

State #1: this sign about tore up my car.  It snuck up on me and is a very unassuming sign.  Kinda like, "Hey, looks like you're entering Nebraska.  It's a pretty long state. "

State #1: this sign about tore up my car. It snuck up on me and is a very unassuming sign. Kinda like, “Hey, looks like you’re entering Nebraska. It’s a pretty long state.”

2 thoughts on “Birthday Road Trip: Day 1 (Nebraska)

  1. Well, I don’t blame you for placing a chair in front of the door, sounds sensible to me, and I’ve certainly done that too! It would make a sufficient enough noise to wake you up and alert you. It isn’t nice to feel paranoid, but I don’t actually think that’s over the top. Someone in the hotel will have a copy of that key to your room anyway, that’s what always concerns me!

    The bikers sound fun though!! Hope you enjoy your road trip! 😀

  2. There are always bikers traveling to and from Sturgis during my birthday trip. Two years ago we went to South Dakota for my trip to see Mt Rushmore. We stopped at Sturgis on the way home and boy, were we out of place! But I did get a Sturgis shirt to wear during my road trips. I wore it on Tuesday but you couldn’t see it because all my shots were floating head angles. Anyway, every year I have some adventures with bikers 🙂

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