My birthday road trip: Day 2 (pulling into town)

Day 2 video

August 4:  Another day of driving.

I woke up to my alarm buzzing.  My phone said it was 7:30am.  “No,” my body insisted.  “It’s lying.  It is only 6:30.”  Both were right.  Right before I got to North Platte, Nebraska yesterday I crossed into the Central Time Zone.  I lost an hour.

“I need to get up,” my mind told my body.  “I want to make it to church before I head out.”

I go through the same inner-fight every Daylight Savings Time change.

“No,” my body fought back convincingly, “you have a long drive.  You must let me sleep.”

In the end, I got up after all four of my alarms went off on my phone.  I had no problem finding the church and arrived 5 minutes early.  That’s because I took a practice run last night.  I used my map with my Verizon service and followed the route.  Although, according to it the church should have been across the street in somebody’s home.  But it didn’t fool me.  I figured it was the big building on the end with no cross.  I drove into the parking lot on Saturday to make sure but couldn’t find a sign confirming my guesswork.

“Well,” I said to myself because nobody was in the car with me, “even if it’s not our church I’ll still go to it.”  I doubted myself because I thought I had found a closer church.  It didn’t look like it had a cross either until I passed it.

One long stretch of 25mph in Nebraska

One long stretch of 25mph in Nebraska

When I arrived this morning though, I was in the right place at the right church.

It was a small congregation. Even smaller than I’m accustomed to and I’m pretty used to small numbers for Sunday meetings.  I wished I could have stayed the whole time but I had to get back to the motel and change clothes so that I could check out. Another 6 hour drive faced me today.

I headed east on I-80 again listening to Wicked though I’m still not sure what to think of it.  The sky was overcast and I drove in and out of rain.  Everything went pretty smoothly until I got to Lincoln.  This is where my directions changed.

I found my exit and headed south.  So far so good.

But then I passed another exit that I had a feeling I should have exited on.  Since I am both navigator and pilot for this trip, I had to make a decision.  I looked at the directions I had written and had lying on the passenger seat.  Then I looked at the signs indicating which highway I was on.  “I’m right,” I said to myself. “Right?”  I drove on.

My gut responded, “You’re going the wrong way.  And by the way, you need to get gas in Trevor.”

Finally, I pulled over to a gas station and fed Trevor.  Then I used my map on my phone.  It was less than helpful.

I decided to backtrack.  As I drove, I watched the little blip on my phone.

Let’s just say, after some trial and error I made it past Lincoln on the right road.

Dumb Lincoln.


State sign #2

Eventually I found my way to I-29.  This road crossed into Iowa briefly bringing my total state count to 3.  I crossed the Missouri River twice and apparently this was the most exciting part of my day because I did a cheer both times.  Or maybe I’m just getting loopy from all this alone time.

As I headed south on I-29 – or maybe I was on 435 (I can’t remember, all the roads are blending together) I saw this huge majestic white building.  It’s the Kansas City Temple.  I planned attending it on Wednesday but discovered it is closed for cleaning.  I’m pretty bummed.  I will go back and get pictures of it though.


State sign #3.
Oh sure. Now they welcome me. It is, after all, post 1976.

Definitely need more pictures.

I am in my motel room tonight because I don’t want to be in the car anymore today.  Plus, I have to plan my itinerary for the next three days.  So much to see, so much to do.  But where to start?



3 thoughts on “My birthday road trip: Day 2 (pulling into town)

  1. I like the bit about the four alarms – I have done that too, my brain is so clever at trying to convince me it’s really not time to get up yet! Closed for cleaning! How much cleaning do they do in that temple!?

    I like your You Tube video – good to see you! 🙂 I don’t know if I’m ever going to be brave enough to do the video thing, but I’m panning some voice recordings very soon, I’ve enjoyed other poetry bloggers reading their writings, so thought I’d give it a go!

  2. All temples close for two weeks twice a year for maintenance/cleaning – kind of a deep cleaning. It’s not a surprise – the schedule is available at the beginning of the year so… it really was poor planning on my part. If I discovered it sooner I could have done a plan b.
    I discovered how easy my iphone makes it to do Youtube videos. Basically just need a Youtube account. I’m not completely brave – I keep all my videos unlisted so viewers need the link to find them. They shouldn’t be available by doing a search. I have such a small viewer pool – and most are family that I figured what the heck?! The most criticism I’ll have to endure will probably come from my brother… because older brothers are like that.
    How will you do your voice overs?

  3. iphones are very useful! Another poetry person I follow told me she uses her iphone to record her voice and upload it to Soundcloud – excellent sound. I haven’t gone to the expense of an iphone yet, mainly because I don’t think I’d hardly use it!! My brother managed to find me an MP3 recorder that has a good sound – no background hissing noises! Every other way I’d tried to record with different devices and microphones I always ended up with this really loud hiss – so annoying and couldn’t process it through any sound programme to get rid of it either, I nearly gave up doing the recordings! I’m hoping to put them on Soudlcloud and share them back to the blog, that’s if it all works OK! 😀

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