Black cowboy hat

He was working in his shop that afternoon,

when she stopped by to tell him the news.

He gave her his best grin,

and asked her,  “When?”

She looked at her feet then into his eyes

and told him, “Sometime in July.”

He swallowed hard then told her, “That’s great.

We have to celebrate.”

He went to change clothes and silently wept.

How he wanted to tell her how he felt.

He went into where she sat

while putting on his black cowboy hat.


She told him about her fiancée.

He felt his heart pound and ache.

She wanted him to say the word –

she wanted to be his girl.


July came around and on her mind was his name

but she couldn’t throw her heart to one who didn’t feel the same.

She walked down the aisle,

looking for the cowboy hat all the while.

She looked at the man she walked to and thought of forever

but her mind kept drifting back to the other.

Her groom took her hand and she gave the chapel on last longing search

but didn’t see the man slip into the back of the church –

wearing a black cowboy hat.

© 2013 ck’s days


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