Goodbye Shane

I heard the news just the other day,

my good friend from junior high days,

had to leave his family,

he had to go away.

We lost contact with one another

twenty years since we saw each other

but at one point in my life

I loved him like a brother.

That was back in the day

when we’d play in my back yard,

ice-skate on Friday night,

stay up late looking at the stars,

go on all our bike rides,

the time before life got in the way.

So when I heard the news I shed a tear

for a moment I just sat here

and the memories came

as I thought of past years.

And I like to think that just maybe

if I look out my window I can see

two young friends playing

so happy and carefree.

Like back in the day

when we’d plan air concerts for all,

made our treats we called Bummers,

we’d play a game of racquetball,

ours were the best night games all summer.

All before life got in the way.

Goodbye my old friend,

till we meet again.

© 2013 ck’s days


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