Be Nice to the Normals

I sat in the Relief Society room Sunday waiting for Sunday School to start.  Most people usually make small talk during this time as everyone filters in.  I typically choose to sit quietly.  Since my own business is a bit boring I peek into others’ business.  Nothing gross.  I’m just saying I usually people watch.

Someone a couple of seats down from me opened his scriptures.  Inside he had a post it note with a hand written message.  For anyone unfamiliar with how someone takes care of a personal set of scriptures let me explain briefly.  Scriptures are very important books.  We regard them highly.  But you wouldn’t know it by their appearance.  The books are read often and get worn.  They have highlights and notes scribbled in the margins.  And sometimes post-it notes stuck inside the cover or tucked in between pages.  Post-it notes in scriptures usually have some personal epiphany scribbled on them.  Maybe a reminder to try harder, be better.  That kind of thing.

I glanced at his message and read it.  Oh give me a break; you would have done the same thing. I wanted to see what nugget of wisdom I could steal.   But I had to read this note again.  In cursive writing I could have sworn I read, “Be nice to the normals.”

Um, what?

True, I need to get my eyes checked.  Surely, that is not what the note actually said.  I leaned closer but I couldn’t get close enough due to the fact I didn’t want to look like I was reading his note.  To complicate matters, somebody was sitting between us so I couldn’t covertly get closer.  You know, like the good ol’ pen drop.  Turn the head slightly while bending to pick it up.  This wasn’t my first snoop job.

I squinted.  It still looked like “Be nice to the normals.”

What does that even mean?  Is it really hard to be nice to the normals that he had to write himself a note?  And what about us abnormals?  Does he not need to be nice to us, also?  I felt so discriminated against.

He closed his book before I could find out what it actually said.  I will never know.   So, now when I see him every Sunday and he’s nice to me I’ll wonder, did I move to the normal side of the list?  Now he has to be nice to me?  Maybe I should write the same message and stick it in my scriptures – just to pass along the confusion to someone else.

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