I am prone to mistakes. Some are small and I can walk them off. Others are doozies and I pay for them for the rest of my life.

Case in point: my niece, Lyn, asked me years ago to make a wedding video for her – when the time came – with a certain song. My reply? But of course!

However, I suffer from short-term memory syndrome. Things go in (I think) and then disappear. I attribute it to brain size. I must have a pretty big brain if a lot of my thoughts get lost inside. Yeah, I’m sticking with that.
I used her wedding video song for her cousin. And I was the one who offered to do it. And I used the same format I was going to do for Lyn’s. Oops!

Lyn has not let me forget. So, I’m trying to find a replacement song. Lyn thinks she has found another song to use but it’s a Colbie Caillat song. Um, I am still looking.

I thought I found one the other day. The movie Enchanted was on Disney (yeah, I watch Disney – got a problem with that?). I remembered how much I love the song, So Close. Excitedly, I text Lyn and told her I found a new song.
She was not convinced.


I am not deterred. After all, I am the one making the video. What will she say if, oops! I accidentally use the wrong song?

This has been weighing so heavily on my mind that I even had a dream about it.  Tried as I might, I couldn’t convince her in my dream either.  Stubborn girl.

What do you think; wouldn’t you want this for your wedding video?

2 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. You really don’t want to go there. Find a song she approves of, after all, she will watch her wedding video over and over again for the rest of YOUR life. Do you really want her to remember each time how you refused to do the one thing she asked you to do for the most special day of her life? lol

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