Stormy Afternoon

It was a dark and stormy afternoon.  No, seriously, it really was.  Perhaps, the earth had suffered enough with the summer drought that the heavens took pity on her and allowed rain in the autumn.  One might say that the rain, wind, and dark skies evoke the Halloween spirit.  One might say that, it’s true.  Another might declare it to be a coincidence and only determined by the season.  Which is a proven fact.   But whatever your belief you have to admit, a dark and stormy afternoon is kinda creepy.

I saw her approaching the doorway.  She hurried from the parking lot in the blustery weather.  As she stepped into the doorway her figure became silhouetted.  It was the most unfortunate timing.  Her build was – what’ the PC term these days? – big boned.  There are probably very few people she ever has to look up to.  And her width seemingly matched her height.  Let’s just say, she probably never shops for clothes in the petite section.  Or the average height person section.

The wind stirred up her hair giving her that fresh-off-a-motorcycle (or long skinny flying apparatus) look.  Her choice of attire didn’t help matters.  She wore a long dress and chose to keep warm with what appeared to be a long, flowing…cloak.  I shook my head to clear my eyesight.  After all, people don’t don long cloaks these days.  Surely, it was a long, albeit flowing, coat.

The only thing missing from this scene was a clap of thunder.  However, if that would have happened I guarantee I would have lost it.  Passersby would have had to step over my fainted body to get to the restroom.  I held it together and edged toward the wall.  Because as we all know, walls are our safe refuge from bad things.

Now, I’ve been taught manners.  I’ve been taught not to judge.  But that is a learned response.  I have to control my instinctual thoughts and suppress them.  My instantaneous thought in this matter screamed one word.  “WITCH!”

If she was actually a witch, she apparently is a nice one.  Or, if she is an evil witch, I was not her target today.   Whew!  Either way I lived to tell the tale.  In case you’re interested, I saw her a little later in the day.  She, in fact, wore a black velvety cloakish thing.  I just made your creepy meter go off, didn’t I?

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