Facebook Games I Play

So, I was in a good mood last night.  I wanted to keep the good juice flowing and decided to play a little Facebook game.  My Facebook posts are kind of hit and miss since I only have 100 followers friends.  Sometimes I post games that look more like Solitaire.  But, last night I decided to try and play anyway.

I posted: I will buy a shake to the first person who can make me laugh out loud. Starting… NOW!

 Then I started placing wagers with myself which one of my bestest fb buddies, if any, would respond.  To my surprise, my bait worked and I had one rise to the challenge.

 J-Girl posted this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IuRzJRrRpQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player

True, it’s more cute than funny.  However, Buttermilk bears a certain hyperactive resemblance to my nephew.  Still, I wasn’t going to be so easily swayed.  But after the second knock over I let out a snort.  Dangme.  That snuck up on me.  I blame it on the fact I was already in a good mood. 

 I considered not fessing up.  After all, how would anyone know?

 J-Girl wasn’t finished.  She sent me this next: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF9-sEbqDvU  Okay, this is just funny but I was determined not to laugh.  Then Marcel the Shell walked her dog. 

 I finally decided to do the honorable thing and confess I already laughed.  J-Girl said she had more lined up so I think I should have held out a little longer. 

 I also had another person post: Do you like blue?

 Was this another joke coming my way?  Such a simple question but I didn’t know how to respond.  So I asked, blue? The color blue? Yeah.  And I waited for the punch line.  I’m still waiting.  Perhaps she meant to ask, do you feel blue?  To which, I would have said, Nope.  Just feeling like laughing.  See, I like to laugh.

 Today I kept thinking of Marcel the Shell.  Before there was such an easy mass outlet known as Youtube, how did people express their creativity?  Unseen projects in the basement?  That gives it a different vibe, doesn’t it?  Youtube postings reach cult followings.  Secretive basement projects sometimes only reach unwilling, captive audiences.  Funny how much of a difference one little video-sharing website can make.

 I wonder what else J-Girl had to share?  Maybe I’ll have to play again tonight.


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