Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss!

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ 108th birthday

I am a rhyming fool today.

So, here is my day in review

Told in mini-Seussisms for you.

Should have been to work at 8

I am so super late!

No worries, no one will notice me

I will just  slip in very quietly.

But at the intersection who do I see?

None other than my boss waving at me!

I wanted to go to lunch today

but no one invited me.

It’s days just like today

I miss you terribly!

The weather is gross.

The weather is icky.

It makes me morose

And all sorts of sick-y.

Dear Adele, I am happy for your well-earned win.

But, I’m kinda hoping to never hear your song again.

The little ant is going

But the wind is blowing

A gust is too much force

It alters the ant’s course

The little guy keeps moving as if to say,

“This is where I wanted to go anyway.”

Naps are great! Naps are swell!

If you don’t believe me you can go to, weeeeell,

that’s enough Seussisms for the day.

They weren’t that good, anyway.

It’s okay, it’s no shocker

After all, I’m no doctor!

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