Genealogy. I am (thinking) of Doing It. Someday.

Please excuse me for not posting last night.  I did repost one of my personal favorite blogs.  Sometimes I crack myself up.  If only I could get fake gravatars so that I can like my own blog incognito.  Yep, I’m that conceited.

Anyway, I didn’t post because I went to a Relief Society meeting which was all about Family History type stuff.  I’ve always been interested in genealogy so I went.  That and the fact my visiting teaching partner said she’d pick me up.  It wasn’t an invitation, more of an fyi.

Growing up, I always loved hearing family stories.  I used to beg my mom to tell me the stories over and over again. One of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon was to watch old home videos on the projector (for you young types, 8mm was a precursor to VHS which was before DVD which was before Blu Ray).  My mom never liked watching them but she would watch them with me.

“They make me too sad,” she’d say.

In my naiveté, I didn’t understand.  “But this way you can see your mom and the memories live on,” I’d say.   I don’t know how the whole veil thing works, but if it’s possible for her to read this then I must say to her, “I’m sorry.  I understand now.”

Last night, there were two mini-classes offered.  One was on writing our own memoirs.  I’m ashamed to say, I used to keep a journal faithfully – until I went on my mission.  Since I’ve been home, my journal entries have become less and less frequent.  For some people, their blog would be an excellent outlet for memoir writing.  But how many descendants of mine are really going to be interested that I watched the movie 2012 all year?  Plus, let’s be realistic, it doesn’t look like I’ll have any posterity – so who will want to read any of my ramblings at all?  Besides you nice folks, that is.  Despite the excellent, experienced teachers, the info from that class went in one ear and out the other and filed in the “Doesn’t apply to me” folder.  Which resembles the recycle bin on my computer.

In the other class we learned how to use the computer to do our family history.  I’ve taken classes on this before and I have started searching.  But I have a tendency to stop when it gets hard.  So, it’s been awhile since I’ve looked at our bulging family history binder.  I have the best of intentions to organize and conquer.  Or at least organize.  Or at least look at.

My mom’s mom’s line (I guess grandma would have been an easier way to say that) goes back to the 1600’s.  The Sneddons were prominent in Scotland but originated in Germany.  I had no idea we have Germanic blood.  At least, on that line.

I am stuck on the Lee line though.  According to family legend, we are descendants of the Richard Henry Lee that signed the Declaration of Independence.  In his honor, all the males in my family carry his name.  My grandma had a letter thanking her for keeping the name in the family.  However, I can’t prove it.  I only have proof back to my dad’s grandpa.  Born in New Orleans, he was orphaned by the time he was six years old and (we think) shipped to live with relatives in New York.

I’ve told my brother of the dilemma.  The words he used in response were, “Don’t tell me if it’s not true.”  Which, of course, I heard as, “Tell me immediately if it’s wrong.  And say it in a smirking, jovial manner.”  My dad never liked the name Henry.  He always said the “H” was silent.  So, I think it will be hilarious if Senior, Junior, and the Third all had the name for no reason.

That would just be a personal perk to all this Family History stuff.

Catching the Spirit of Elijah yourself?  Wanting to know how many nuts are in your family tree?  Check out some useful sites: has many useful tools but is quite expensive.  Last night, I found out the family history centers at local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has portals that allow you to look for free.  The centers also have expert individuals there to help you get started.


3 thoughts on “Genealogy. I am (thinking) of Doing It. Someday.

  1. I’ve always liked doing it. It’s just finding the time – and doing it correctly 🙂 is a huge resource! I live close enough to SL though that I can go to the LDS church’s main library – that’s where gets all their stuff 🙂

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