Please Don’t Hate Me but I’m Not Nuts for Nutella

I have a confession to make.  But please don’t hate me after I admit it.  For quite a while now, I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about the chocolate – nut spread Nutella.

The name is usually said in hushed tones and usually followed by a moment of silence.  A distant look will come across the speaker’s eyes for a brief instant.  This is all followed by a firm reassurance of how good the product is.  More than once, I’ve even heard the L word used with it.  You know, the word some people have a hard time saying to another person but can use freely when discussing varied chocolate products.

Despite the many assertions that I needed to try it, I hadn’t.  I could blame my holdout on this certain anti-popular streak I have.  It’s a known fact I am on the opposite side of anything popular.  Remember the group Duran Duran?  My cousins had many posters hanging on their very small bedroom wall of the group.  That was enough for me to carry a very anti-Duran stance (on a side note, I’ve recently rediscovered the group’s music and my older self thinks my younger self was a bit too stubborn.  I’d totally decorate my walls with their posters now except for the whole obsessive-label that would probably be tossed my way).

My anti-popular trait also surfaced with New Kids on the Block.  I still agree with that one.  But I think you get the idea, if it’s popular, I’m not going to like it.  No one can mistake me for a lemming.   I’m the lone wolf pacing back and forth in the cold on the other side of the fence.  Just me.  Watching everyone else eat toast with Nutella and listen to Duran Duran.  That’ll show ‘em I don’t conform.

I throw in this argument, however, I think the main reason I haven’t tried Nutella stems from the fact I’m cheap.  La tightwad.  Fiscally retentive.  Whichever way you want to say it, that’s me.  Sure, I’ll spend a couple extra bucks on a can of Pringles, but that just makes sense.  Why would I waste money on chocolate?

So, I’ve never tried the awe-inspiring Nutella.  Until today.  After raving about it, my uncle and aunt brought some over to us yesterday.  My mom wanted to try some today so I made her a piece of toast and spread the Nutella on it.  Then I thought I’d try a piece of toast myself.

I took a bite and… well, I was expecting a shaft of light to come down from the ceiling illuminating me.  Perhaps, getting a warm feeling swelling inside.  Instead I felt absolutely nothing.  I took another bite and this time I noticed (please forgive me) a kind of odd taste.

I finished the piece of toast and looked at my mom.  She was smiling.  I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Eh, that was okay.” I asked her how she liked it.

“It was good,” she said and made the word good into two syllables stressing her point.

Maybe I missed something.  Or maybe I’m just meant to be the lone wolf on the other side of the fence.

2 thoughts on “Please Don’t Hate Me but I’m Not Nuts for Nutella

  1. I loooove Nutella.
    But I prefer it on crepes, as frosting for brownies, or as a dipping sauce for teddy grahams.
    Still, I’m okay with you not liking it. Sometimes Walmart runs out, and if you don’t like it, that’s one less person buying it.

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