When the Dark Comes In

People moving to and fro, doing their work in the light, finishing the day and preparing for the next before day becomes night.  When the lights go out, the dark comes in, and there is no telling what will happen then.  Reality turns to fantasy. Reason  becomes  insane.  Old monsters tucked away since childhood days, come out to play again.Dancing and prancing down the halls as you toss and turn in bed, while a pounding is mounding and throbbing in your head.  For the first time, you realize the mistakes made in the light, and your only hope is that the dark will help you to hide.  The monsters are nearing your door – and let out a laugh you hear forever more.  So much you didn’t finish and that much more awaits you for the next light.  You pull the sheets up over your head because the monsters just came in and your soul is filled with fright.  And though your head doesn’t believe, you feel they’re coming to get you.  The uncertainty of the next light sends a chill up your back and you realize you are only a fool.  The monsters have arrived but as usual they are too late, you’ve drifted off to slumber land and they will have to wait.  Another day will come and end, and they will be back when the dark comes in again.

This and other poems found in SILLY VERSES - available on Amazon

This and other poems found in SILLY VERSES – available on Amazon

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