The Lessons of Life and Character I Have Learned in the War Chapters of the Book of Mormon

When I first read the Book of Mormon, the war chapters at the end of Alma were my favorite.  Instead of being as deep as the other parts of the book, it became more like a novel.  Such drama!  But after I read it through a couple of times, and I knew how it would end, and the major plot points, it became rather difficult to read.  I became a little bored with it.

When I was serving a mission, however, I noticed there were lessons to be learned – even in the WAR CHAPTERS.

  1. Have a love of God in my heart. (Alma 48:11-13, 17-18; 60:28) Captain Moroni is likened to Ammon, his brethern, & Alma the prophet.
  2. Pray (Alma 46:13-17; 58:10-12; 62:51) Before Moroni acted, he prayed first.
  3. Recognize liberty & freedom (Alma 46:12) The Title of Liberty
  4. Wear the armor of God (Alma 43:18) Moroni prepared his people to fight with armor.
  5. Listen to living prophets (Alma 43:23-24) Moroni consulted with Alma
  6. Read the scriptures (Alma 46:23-27) Moroni quotes Jacob concerning Joseph.
  7. Saving our souls from the world requires work (Alma 48:7; 49:4,8,13; 50:1-4,6,12) Fortify ourselves by effort.  Salvation is not an easy ride.
  8. Honor your father & mother (Alma 53:17) The 2,000 warriors fought so that their fathers could keep their covenant.
  9. Teach your children by example & study (Alma 53:21; 56:27, 47-48) They had been taught by mothers, their fathers provided food & provisions.
  10. The strength of unity (Alma 60:16 see also: 3 Nephi 11:29, 36, Moses 7:18, D&C 38:27) Moroni blames defeat on division.
  11. Defend truth (Alma 60: 24-29) Moroni cleanses the “inner vessel”
  12. Proclaim truth (Alma 62: 4-5) Moroni raises the standard of peace and thousands flock to it.
  13. Be thankful (Alma 49:28)
  14. Be happy (Alma 50: 18, 23 see also 2 Nephi 2:25)
  15. The Lord keeps his promises (Alma 50:19-22)
  16. Accept censure well (Alma 61:9)
  17. Trust in God & he will deliver you (Alma 57:25-27; 58:37)
  18. Recognize blessings (Alma 57:35; 62:51)
  19. The righteous are spared (Alma 62:40)
  20. Your word is your bond (Alma 62: 27-28)
  21. No excuse not to live your standards (Alma 54:3) Lamanites took women & children prisoners, Nephites did not.
  22. Remember God (and he will deliver you) Alma 55:31.

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